Ebiten: Kouritsu Ebisugawa Koukou Tenmonbu









Looking to the stars.

Details are still scarce for this online only soon to be airing show. From the synopsis: An astronomy club is on the verge of disbandment due to low membership. But a new member joins just in time. I’ve lost your interest didn’t I? But here’s the twist, the club is actually an all-girls otaku club. Yes, that includes your typical BL fan. But the new member doesn’t know that he/she joined the wrong club. I deliberately said “he/she” because I can’t confirm the gender of the new member. In the manga he’s male, but the way “he” is portrayed in the anime is female. So far, there are nice references to animes of past and present. Jokes and banter are entertainingly good. The moe, ecchi and fanservice on the show are much appreciated but not too outlandish. I myself appreciate their chibi forms. But in terms of originality, this theme has already been done. In fact, the character designer is the same for both shows. And both shows use a lot of anime references for joke material. I’ll be catching up with it but I wouldn’t recommend doing the same, unless your interests are similar to mine (that would be a yes if you read up to this point).


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Filed under Mid-season Impressions, Summer 2012

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