Boredom with friends can be entertaining, as long as you talk crazy in front of them.

Nothing interesting here, but they sure are cute. Literally from the beginning, we get informed that this show about girls talking. No narrative to speak of. Why base a show on such a boring premise? Because they are super cute, and character otakus are suckers for this kind of stuff, myself included. Each of the 5 girls have personalities that are eager to bring up wild and strange conversation topics. How they react to the topic (and to each other for that matter) defines this show as a comedy. But some jokes are hard to follow, most of the source material relies a lot of Japanese cultural references. Add a few name drops, usually on the form of bleeped or pixelated references, and you can easily get lost in the joke. Whatever these girls imagine manifests itself with charming styling on top of adorable scenes, no matter how off the topic it gets. Most of these discussions happen in  the backstage green room of a rakugo theater. Sometimes they travel to various locations, only if to continue a joke or to refer it to one. From a character design standpoint, nothing revolutionary.  I find it amusing sometimes when I can’t tell the difference between their nose from their blush stickers, especially when facing the camera. Seemingly apparent though is the choice of hair colors for these girls, and boy do we have a nice rainbow. But more amusing is how how they were named. Nice and “punny,” making me appreciate the show more. To cut it short, if you find the OP and ED songs addictively cute, then this is the show for you.


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