Kokoro Connect

Kokoro Connect

Dropping the act, cutting the c*#p and breaking barriers.

Drama ridden reactions along with forceful ramifications is what makes a daytime soap opera great. Now take those moments and add it to a bunch of teens. Unstable emotions would explode. And if they haven’t yet, they will once their minds get switched. If Kokoro Connect was a book about controlling your emotions, then it would fly off the shelves. Right away, we get down to the eccentrics of each character as they experience the possibility of revealing it all through personality switching. Each episode spares no expense on using full frontal emotions as a plot device to drive the story forward. Frilly details like the mental and physical differences are excluded, elements that would make this show a comedy. In other words, KC uses the deconstruction trope to play out what would typically be comedic story. I can settle with surreal drama because this gives us a chance to see more character development. But we do step into the mystery genre a bit as we try to figure out this Balloon Vine character. Who is he? What powers does he have? And most importantly: Why? Hopefully the answering of those questions doesn’t detract from the superb story-writing already in place. Especially now that a new method of messing with these kids has been introduced; letting out your true feelings. I always loved Inaban from the start, she has that kind of approach to these situations that are always unexpected. Now it seems that she’ll be a taking a major role in the latter end of this show, as indicated from the new ED. Oh wait, the season has been extended to 17 episodes. Good, maybe this is just the Inaban arc, similar to how we had Nagase’s arc earlier. In the animation department, the character designer for K-On and this show is one in the same. Similarities in the uniforms are striking, giving me the false impression that KC would fall along the slice of life genre. I’m glad it didn’t. This is a great show I would recommend to anyone, espically those new to anime. But you know what would win the critics over? A death… Not hoping for one though. Fight on kids, just don’t do anything stupid.


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