Tari Tari

Tari Tari

Horses, badminton and choir sinning.

Does P.A. Works have a spiritual successor to its last  summer hit? Maybe. But there is a problem, so much goes on in this show that I find it hard to follow sometimes.The story progress picked up as soon as the impromptu choir club was established. We get sub arcs and character development within the matter of a few episodes. Let me think, I remember a Spanish band teaching the sentimental values of music, a guy forced into club after losing to a badminton match, an aspiring horseback archer hoping to gain entry into the sport and, of course, maintaining a second choir club that competes with the original for stage space. What is the source material for this show? None! This is an original work! Which means the director has even more control over this production compared to an adaptation work. I think this show would be better if it had a 26 episode run instead of 12. For now, the show does act like a spiritual successor to Hanasaku Iroha in every way, but just at a faster pace. Moving on to the positives, PA delivers on it’s superb animation and character designs again. Backgrounds are a thing of beauty and the props, albeit  sometimes in cg, blend in well. The characters are beautiful but tend to stay on the norm in terms of color pallets. One exception is the lead, Konatsu, with stylish tan(?) hair and extra droopy eyes; cute. Beautiful art and character design may suffice, but with so much going on, I don’t know how it’ll end. Second season anyone? Recommended.


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Filed under Mid-season Impressions, Summer 2012

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