Saimoe 2012, Roster Comments

Who will be moe queen?

The Saimoe Tourney, a popularity contest of the most cutest anime character of 2012, is currently underway.

Who’s attending? Just about EVERYONE:

A breakdown of the list can be found here.

Seeing all these characters in one place brings back fond memories of the series they came from. Some of the notable characters that come into mind include a “male” butler, the Ice Witch, lab members 02 and 04, a zombie normal girl, a little succubus, a NEET detective, a Bodacious Space Pirate, a Japanese transplant to France, a girl who stands by the riverside hoping to make her love fantasy come true, a torture device turned girl, Miss Curiosity, a big brother lover and full casts from the likes of Kill Me Baby, A Channel and Natsuiro Kiseki. Yeah that’s right, I don’t have many friends, it’s on the list too! Try guessing the characters I mentioned earlier and which shows they’re from. Answers at the end of this post.

One big fear from the list comes from large casts, they seem overwhelmingly too powerful to beat. Idolm@aster, with 14 entrants, comes into mind but it’s easily beat by Saki. I never watched Saki and I’m not planning to, especially if I have to memorize (let alone recognize) all 43 characters!

Returning characters from shows like Shana, K-On and When they Cry are only here because of sequels, movies or special episodes under their name.  In fact, the 2009 victor makes a return only because of an ova that was released this year. But it’s going to be a tough climb though, only true fans still vote for them. It’s good to see strong fan bases still rooting for these shows, which could make an impact on the tourney. Case in point, Erica Hartmann was coming off of a second season and she managed to get to the semifinals last year.

But let’s focus a little bit on who did not make it on the final list, some due to low viewership and some that I really wanted but did not make it:

  • Minene from Future Diary: A good following for this cute terrorist certainly should have earned her entry into the main bracket. You know who would be saddened. And Yuno-who wouldn’t. Puns…
  • The entire cast of Upotte!!: These girls didn’t make a spot for the tourney in the preliminaries. Was it because of the online only broadcast? Or did the simple premise not provide enough background for these guns girls to generate a fan base?
  • Momoe Okonogi  from  Dusk Maiden of Amnesia: I really liked her, even though she did fill in as an alternate for comic relief during the show.
  • The entire cast of Black Rock Shooter: This is really strange, the character herself has a large cult following. I expected her to be a worthy contender. Could it have been the short broadcast or the inconsistent (double world) story that botched her chances?
  • Her Highness, Troll Queen Mai from Nichijou: She originally was going to attend, but she had better things to do.
  • Rin from Usagi Drop: How can the story of Rin’s upbringing not be mentioned? Despite being 6 years old, Rin is very responsible and can remain cool and cute in any situation.
  • Various cast members from Nekogami Yaoyorozu: I liked this comedy about gods living alongside humans. Most of the cast reminds me of some Touhou characters too.
  • Pino from Helvetica Standard Nichijou: Come on, who doesn’t love this cute angel?
  • Mary from Kimi to Boku: Okay let me explain, this is an all guys show. No, not that kind of guys show. It’s a male slice of life show. The women in the cast did leave too many impressions. But one relevant character did, I for one loved Merry’s role as your basic tsundere. Even though she displayed common traits related to tsunderes, Mary was more subtle about it than anything else. Or was it the love story that develops between her and the male cast that got me to like her?

Congratulations to those who made it on the list and good luck reaching for the top!

Answers to Guessing the Characters:

“Male” Butler – Konoe from Mayo Chiki!

The Ice Witch – Sen from Ben-To

Lab members 02 and 04 – Mayuri and Kurisu from Steins;Gate

Zombie Normal Girl – Her name is also the show title, Sankarea

Little succubus – Lotte from Astarotte no Omocha!

NEET detective – Alice from Kamisama no Memochou

Space Pirate – Marika from, what else, Bodacious Space Pirates

A Japanese transplant to France – Yune from Ikoku Meiro no Croisée

Riverside fantasy love story – Literature Girl from Daily Lives of High School Boys

Torture device girl – Fear Kubrick from

Miss Curiosity – Chitanda from Hyouka

Big Brother Lover – Nao from Onii-chan no Koto nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!


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