Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

Humanity has Declined

Fairy thee well, humans!

Set in a future where mankind’s population has reduced quite dramatically. What remains are but a few descendants hoping to get along with a new, powerful, invasive and frightening creature, the fairy. Here we are introduced to our main character, Watashshi (lit. “I” in Japanese), a loving mediator hoping to make good relationships between the fairies and humans. Turing a blind eye on the theme of humanity dying out, Watashshi instead takes on a satirical approach to her observances of everyday life. Lately, we get to see a lot of funny demonstrations on what humanity was like in the past. But that only detracts from lingering mystery of the fairy: What do they want? How does their magic work? And most importantly: Why the half-moon wide smiles that look like the TBS logo? Okay, that last one was my question. I don’t know about you but I find those smiles a bit creepy. Speaking of design, the characters don’t look all that well drawn but at least their color pallet makes up for it. Watashshi herself has a unique “yellow-green highlight” like eye color. Backgrounds have a watercolor drawing feel to them and effects such as sunlight are depicted as opaque polygons of white on the foreground (not the best).  Presented in a non-chronological order, Jinrui makes it hard to understand the history and plot of the show. Hopefully all the lose episodes can relate to a good ending.  Kinda recommended.


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Filed under Mid-season Impressions, Summer 2012

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