Dog Days’

Dog Days Dash

Playing it by cat/dog/fox/bunny ear.

The one show I thought would never get a second season actually did…. Back when I watched season 1, I made the mistake of trying to understand the story. I thought there was a plot here, but the connections lead nowhere with inconsistent explanations and disorganized presentations plaguing me. But now on its second season, I threw it all out the window because I now know the true intentions of this show: A kids show for otakus. Think about it, kids shows follow similar settings (no matter how outrageous it is) and are only there to sell the merchandise. Similar here, but instead targeted at otaku. But it works! All of these animal eared cuteness to too much, I want “moe”r!! And boy do they deliver; new heroes are introduced, along with a new nation (OMG, squirrels!). With this shear number of characters, there is sure to be a personality out there that you’ll take as your waifu like. Character designs are okay, appealing to the moe crowd more often than not. And if that doesn’t do it then the fanservice factor will. Showing skin has become more prevalent compared to last season, what with more bath scenes and opportunities to rip clothes off for whatever reason. Even here I would consider dropping this show but the moe connoisseur in me tells otherwise. Please, don’t mock me… Not recommended to the average anime viewer.


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Filed under Mid-season Impressions, Summer 2012

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