Binbougami ga!

The God of Poverty is!

Very fortunate indeed.

Sunrise is on a roll with their comedies lately. This time we follow the hilarious adventures of Ichiko, an overly “fortunate” girl, and Momiji, a goddess of misfortune determined to take Ichiko’s fortune. It is a great comedy with lots of jokes and visual gag references to notable anime. The personalities themselves would make it entertaining enough, but add in a  mix of well developed extras and supernatural gadgets as plot movers and you get a nicely rounded show. Weird at times but this on-screen chaos makes for some good entertainment sometimes. Filter out the funny and you still get a nice setup here. Ichiko can be high and mighty most of the time, but as she experiences the sorrow of others, she may reconsider her future actions. In other words, she’s a jerk with a heart of gold. Visuals aren’t stunning but at least there is quality in the character designs and range of colors used. This show gave me a feeling that it’ll never end, and I’m fine with that. But after looking it up, this show only lasts till the end of the season. The potential is there and I hope the story continues. Recommended.


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Filed under Mid-season Impressions, Summer 2012

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