Prospecting, Fall 2012 Anime

Fall is here! The change of season also signals the quarterly turnover of anime. This season seems to be an exciting one.

What’s in store? A lot apparently. You got your usual adaptations from manga and novels, mixed in with sequels and originals. There are a variety of genres that someone is bound to get into this season. I myself see a good s-o-l lineup, headed by the much anticipated HS x Honeycomb. But how much I plan to watch is hampered with the return of college classes. Nearing my graduation means leaving out a lot of shows I would otherwise watch “just for fun.”

Instead of doing previews, I’ll share with you what shows I’ll be interested in. Shown below is my annotated version of the fall lineup infographic from moetron. Pretty easy to understand:

Green Check – Guaranteed viewership.

Red X – Not likely due to various reasons, like sequels or not falling into my interest.

Blue Tilde – Undecided, will check out the first episode and make my judgement from there.

(Click image for fullsize)

Oh, and that’s Jamoe’s “Interest” List. Too lazy to correct a graphics misspelling…

I just realized the X’s make an S shape. A sign that this season is an “S Class?”

Add a couple shows that are continuing from last season (SAO & Muv-Luv) and you got a recipe for lowered grades. Hopefully not.

I hope you enjoy this season, because I sure will!


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One response to “Prospecting, Fall 2012 Anime

  1. Redlotus

    Looking forward to “Magi” and the Hayate remake. Magi is a great manga, so I’m looking forward to seeing it animated. The directors for Hayate will be having a tough time, since that have to live up to the popularity of the original first season.

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