Strike Witches 2 dub is released, Finally!

I’m a big fan of the Strike Witches universe. Something about mixing military and moe genres just works for me. The pants-less-ness setting is just an added fan service bonus.

Well fans, rev your striker units for season 2 is finally being released with English dubs on October 2, 2012. I’ve been waiting patiently for Funimation to make a formal announcement on the release ever since they acquired the license for the sequel, back in 2010. But I digress, they did the same for season one; aired in 2008 but released in English 2010. I shouldn’t really compare the two seasons for one was a new show and the other had an established fanbase behind it. Either way, the wait was painful, especially after being briefed on how licensing works.

But what is being done differently this time is the marketing for SW2, or rather the lack thereof. I remember DVD ads for season 1 promoting the “War on Pants” and even paper airplanes you can make out of the the girls’ *ahem* pantaloons.

For SW2, we get internet ads, a few video clips and nothing much else. I didn’t get word of the release date until I got this postcard from Right Stuf last week:

Not even the Wikipedia article was updated, of which I took the liberty to update.

So Funimation, what marketing tricks will you pull post-release? Announcement for a license of the movie? That would be cool. As long as you deliver on what you promise in a timely manner eventually, then I’ll be a happy fan.

Now only if I had the money to buy the limited edition BD combo.

While I’m at it, season 1 will be offered in BD guise at the end of this month as well.


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