Saimoe 2012 Update: Group Finals

After weeks of endless matches, we are now at the Group Finals stage of the 2012 Saimoe tournament.

Welcome to the Saimoe 20xx, Saki only version.

The battles here will determine which eight contestants will end up vying for the finals.

Who do we have?

Not surprising due to the statistics, out of the 43 contestants comprising of Saki characters nine of them made it to the group finals. That is the majority out of the 16 attending these matches. But at least we three matches where they are pitted against one another (Group Matches A, F and G).

Only two matches are not Saki related:

  • Group D with Hinata from Ro-Kyu-Bu! vs Louise from  Familiar of Zero
  • Group H with Shana from Shakugan No Shana vs Sena from Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai

The remaining Saki contenders face other characters:

My votes will go towards Sena and Akari, the latter I hope wins this tourney. At this point I’d like to make myself a bet. If a Saki character wins the tournament, then I’ll watch the show (both seasons) and make a review. Not saying that I don’t want to watch this show, the girls do look cute. But why mahjong?

More tournament updates to come.


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