dōmo arigatō misutā Robotto

Coming off of their series of “semicolon games” from 5pb. and Nitroplus comes Robotics;Notes. Another take at the science fiction adventure genre is attempted, this time with augmented reality and robots. There are big shoes this show has to fill in order to bring it to the fandom levels Steins;Gate did. Will they make it?

We are introduced to Kaito, an easygoing high school guy with a passion for his online fighting game. He is a member of the robotics club. Rather, he is forced to be a member by his longtime friend Akiho. The club is on the verge of disbandment and is desperate for new members as well as proving itself as an active club to the school. The solution is simple, show up (and win) a robotics fighting tournament. There we get introduced to many characters and other aspects to the cast. But the focus isn’t all about robots. There is another story that Kaito stumbles into; the “Notes” section from the title if I’m not mistaken. An AI “ghost girl” appears and leads him to an abandoned facility where “a secret is kept away from the world.” Mystery and intrigue awaits the cast.

The details are still coming out on this show but so far the prospects look good. However, I feel as if the pacing may be a bit fast. Unless there is a lot of material to cover from the game, then I believe a slower pace to stretch it’s 22 episode run may be better. But who knows what there is in store? (People who played the game probably do.) There is enough going on to keep me entertained.

Let me get this thought out first, doesn’t Akiho look awfully similar to Poplar from Wagnaria? I just get that similar design vibe from her, or at least from her hairstyle. Animation and design have a good appeal. The robots look both cute and cool. In addition, the fictional ones from Gunvarrel give me that Medabots feel. Even though this ain’t no S;G, the character design is, in it’s own right, good but borderline generic.

I’m still undecided on if this show will rank highly for the season, or even if this will reach the high expectations most would want from the series of “;” shows set so far.


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