Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb

Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb

Yuno who would be happy! Puns.

No need to go into detail here: This is the 4th, that’s right FOURTH, season of the awesome cuteness that is Ume Aoki‘s Hidamari Sketch. The franchise has much to be praised for making it to this milestone. Widefaces all around!

The story follows an art student named Yuno and her apartment friends Miyako, Sae, Hiro, Nori and Nazuna as the live out each day. That’s pretty much it; your basic slice-of-life comedy. No need to watch the seasons beforehand, but it would be nice to do so in order to know the cast better.

The story now reaches the somewhat middle point of Yuno’s stay at the apartments. She has a better feeling of accomplishment and can be seen as an upperclassmen. Her friends Sae and Hiro are even more so as they reach graduation. You also have newcomers Nori and Nazuna getting accustomed to living in the apartment known for having “eccentric tenants,” or so they’ve heard. Remember his happening to Yuno as well? Yeah, a full rotation of experiences in 4 seasons!

I’m guessing this content is still coming from the 4-koma. Aoki definitely has an entire lifetime’s worth of the casual s-o-l stories to last into the cast’s graduation. In terms of content, the whole gang seems to beĀ  very comfortable with one another to a point where more fan service has begun to pop up here and there. But as a whole, the show is still a s-o-l showcase to its core.

Shaft is making this anime after the successful Madoka production. I expected a better, if not more radical, change to the animation of the 4th season. Well, I was kinda wrong. I didn’t see any improvement in terms of the quality of animation. There are a few differences but the same animation scheme is used as before. It’s nice to sometimes see the ending scene pull away to a border of its manga roots. But don’t get me wrong, their “usual” animation is still great, with an art direction most budding art students would want to consistently accomplish. Oh and the wideface, so much wideface. Makes your nutbladder want to burst.

Clearly Nori, you’re the male surrogate here. And I love you for it! That and the the fact that you’re the most computer literate one of the group.


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