Moe Dictators

Azusa the Dictator

World dictators as seen by an otaku; moe style. Just my kind of thing. An art book with a good amount of the world’s dictators are depicted as anime girls. So moe!

Moe Moammar Gadhafi

Now if only an anime about world history can me made, I’ll definitely learn something. No, Hetalia doesn’t count. But it did teach me about countries. I guess this manga about current mid-east history counts.

What can’t be moe anthropomorphized these days? Nothing really; so long as you have a skill in drawing anime and a wild imagination, then anything can be made moe. Anything! Anything!

With the supposed Apocalypse coming up (Dec 21), let’s hope that if a dictator shows up, she’ll be a cute one. Either way, we got a world military to moefi mobilize against her:

The Otaku Army is ready and waiting!

Military Moe Patch



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  1. Johne236

    This actually answered my drawback, thank you! abkaadgdfega

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