Busou Shinki

Armored War Goddess

Busou Shinki art by babycat

Japan’s Toy Story. Actually no.

From  a popular line of “action” figures comes an anime version of Busou Shinki. Thing is, an adaptation has already been done. But a newly fledgling studio known as 8bit has other thoughts.

I totally was caught off guard in the direction this show took compared to its distant ONA cousin. But after adjusting to this sudden change, I can still see an appeal for the show. Okay, not really but where else can you get a s-o-l version of miniature mechagirls? *Thinking…* I’ve got nothing. Let me know if you got something in mind.

Busou Shinki Cast

The story follows various models of Shinki as they live together with their caring but aloof side character owner. The main focus is on Ann, a beautiful Arnvall model that is kind and caring to all around her. She is joined by other models with personalities ranging from serious to bubbly. We get an episodic daily adventure of these Shinki but no actual fighting overall. Really? The action figure line itself was based on them battling it out. Heck, the title literally translates to “Armored War Goddess!” Instead we get a s-o-l comedy. Works for me but not not what I wanted.

There is no ecchi and the fan service comes in the form of nicely designed movable joints of these figures. While it’s cool, the novelty quickly wears out. I sometimes forget they are small until they dawn their armor or large props from the scenery get in the way.

Ann is voiced by Kana Asumi using her most “softest voice.” This is similar to, if not outmatched by, her Yuno voice from Hidamari Sketch, which also airing another sequel this season. While on the topic, I might as well mention Ines’ and Miyako’s voices are by Kaori Mizuhashi; she has quite a repertoire of voices since I couldn’t notice.

Busou Shinki Cat & Dog


So is this show good? No, but I still find myself watching it anyway. I suggest checking out its (totally unrelated) ONA prequel or watch Strike Witches instead.


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