Girls und Panzer delayed again, possible ramifications?

Girls und Panzer, Moyoko

For all you GuP fans out there I got good news and bad news.

The good news: We got another recap episode. The bad news: This delays the final broadcast till March.

Yet again there is an undisclosed production issue that is hampering the studio and preventing them from airing the show on time. This affects everyone involved. But is twice too much? Doing any delay once is bad enough but having another one (for a 12 episode run) just seems too much. The consequences could be harmful in many ways.

For one thing, the broadcasters cannot accommodate a slot for the delayed episodes. Mind you, they are on a strict schedule with shows tentatively planned way ahead of time. This includes shows for the the “late night block” where most anime are on. That is why March is the only available slot, right in the transition between seasons.

Girls und Panzer, Mako

Distributors are affected too. Delaying the final broadcast also delays when media content such as DVDs, BDs, Music CDs and related merchandise can be released. But there are high hopes; the preorders seem strong for the first BD release. Compounding this is the fact that the show is an all original, meaning that it was not based off of a manga, light novel or game. Sure a manga and light novel are concurrent but they are in an opposite flow; adapting from the anime. It’ll be worse for international distribution though; Sentai has the physical media license. What normally takes a half a year to localize  may now be longer, that is, if they even make a release plan at this point. They should though, since the licenses are long duration contracts. I really wanted to hear English dubbing for this show too, even better if accents were used for the representative countries schools (like the hilariously racist Hetalia).

But the people most effected are the fans of the show. Viewership will take a huge hit due to this delay. Die hard fans can wait but the regular viewer may not be so easy to keep. The fans ultimately decide how the show will do in the end. Delays like this may ruin fanbase numbers, resulting in lost sales and trust. As mentioned earlier, no merchandise means no profit and no indication on how the show is doing. Without the sales, the analyst might assume it’s too risky to move on with the production, leading to cancellation of potential seasons or ovas. That’s a slippery slope but it has happened countless of times, applying to many shows around the world. The US being a major offender. What’s worse is that trust in the studio takes a big hit. These delays tells the fans that the studio making the anime, ACTAS Inc., is unorganized and late with their work. Since there is no disclosure for the reason behind the delays, most will likely blame poor scheduling. Even if that’s not the reason, they might as well have shot themselves on the foot with this endeavor. Fans may see the studio as less reliable and rank it lower than others. I feel like a critic now!

Girls und Panzer, Tank & Miho

What do you think? Is this a bad hit to both the show and its studio? Will there be a future for Girl und Panzer? Comment below for your input.

As for me I definitely will stick with this show till it’s end, like I am now for that one show about the switched personalities (I literally forgot the title while typing this). See, memories are fading fast. Girls und Panzer better not disappoint and make me lose my memory about the show three months from now.

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