Girls und Panzer OST Review

The soundtrack from GuP has my praise, even if it does get repetitive.

Girls und Panzer OST Cover

Title: Girls und Panzer Original Soundtrack

Composer: Shiro Hamaguchi w/ various artists

Number of Tracks: 50, split into two CDs.

Listen Here, unless taken down.


GuP is a variable show, adding in both dramatic action as well as s-o-l giddy schoolgirl scenes. Matching the scenes to a right track seems a bit difficult but I believe Shiro has done it well enough.

The marching band tracks certainly fulfill the need for military style pep during the battle scenes. These tracks are a joy to hear and compliments the main theme well. I’d be fine listening to these tracks all by themselves, similar to how Sora no Woto‘s OST was executed.

But there is one track that shares its composition with others in this album. Track No. 01, “Senshadou March: Panzer Vor!” gets cover versions in a slower orchestral version, a lighthearted piano version and in many more styles. I’m fine with that (it’s catchy really) but it reminds me of that overused “My Heart Will Go On” song irreversibly tried to Titanic’s soundtrack as well.

Other songs include famous patriotic ones, including the US’s “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and the USSR’s “Katyusha,” sung quite well by Japanese songstresses (according to Russian speaking reviewers).

Only one song makes me hit “next track” on the music player, you know the one, the one with the embarrassing dance…

Overall the OST doesn’t fail at setting the right mood for the right scene. I greatly appreciate the composer’s use of real instruments instead of going the synthesized/computer generated way to make the tracks. Add on well known national tracks and you got a winning OST album for 2012.

If you’re a fan of marching bands or military music, then these tracks are for you. I would be happy to see a real marching band cover the main theme. I’m looking at you Ohio State University, get your anime club to work with the band, like how the video game club did with this piece (I assume).

Result: Makes a good listen, unless you’re easily persuaded to join the military.


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