End of Season Impressions, Part 1

Winter 2013 is ending. Here then is my reviews final impressions for the shows I’ve watched. Fair warning, there may be spoilers. The listings are presented in a random order. Part 1 of 2.



I’ll probably be repeating what many have initially praised this show for as a “sleeper hit.” Quite literally the deconstruction trope hits hard in the first episodes, both pulling us in and leaving us wanting more. Mind reading in most comedic senses is seen as a lighthearted aftereffect that reveals a punch line or two. But when used in drama, relationships are broken. Kotura is unfortunate to experience this latter remark. The director really pulled one on us, or was that the manga author? Who knows, all I do know is that the commercials leading to the show’s premiere did not put those dark parts in. Comedy does slip in the later episodes, if not overtaking the show for the most part. But since the theme is set, I expected a return to the more dramatic scenes. I got mixed feelings at its end though.

Recommended, but likely to be overrated by some.



Comedy gold? Or is that bronze platted? Presented here is an act of satire directed towards fantasy JRPGs. Typical tropes are covered and the jokes they base them on occur often. Although not funny at all times, you do enjoy the short time spent following this hero’s “journey.” He encounters many “enemies” along the way and trends to stay in one location for most episodes. The show is random, breaks the fourth wall often and makes for a good laugh.

Recommended for killing time; each episode is about five minutes.

Vividred Operation

Vividred Operation

Not what I wanted. Really, this is not what I expected to come out of the director of Strike Witches or what I’ve read in the synopsis teaser. The characters are all assembled within the first four episodes. Reasoning goes as far as “saying so” when events happen. Really reminds me Dog Days, where the world is not clearly established and rules of storytelling were not even looked at. But I had to give this show a watch because I was expecting some kind of turnaround, not like a Madoka twist but more of a gradual “snap to reality” take as they challenge the monsters at ever more difficult levels.  I am disappointed. The amount of ecchi in the transformation scenes doesn’t make up for it either. I hate to say it but this show was a waste of my time, probably yours too.

Not recommended.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Ah, medieval times, but with a demon war twist. At first I was expecting a hero story that we would follow in a typical JRPG. All the elements are there, but we then get a slight twist in the form of an extended “epilogue” of sorts. Instead of defeating the Demon King at the end, we get a truce and a plan to end the war peacefully, through economic and diplomatic means. All this without telling the warring nations/races. We get a nice look into the worlds of agriculture, ecology and espionage while the story plays out. But economics defines this show more and more as the plot thickens. I like how we aren’t given complex names for the characters, just titles. But the unknown typeface does frustrate me when trying to read maps and such. Though, I’m not all that impressed on where the ending is heading; to me it feels like two arcs are happening at the same time. Hopefully this will all sort out. The OP and ED make a great “summary” for the events that take place in this series too. Watch and you’ll see.




What a nice moeblob slice of life this show is. Calm, easy going and just being funny is what best describe this show. So the Good Job Club is essentially what the Amusement Club is to Yuru Yuri, a pointless club where friends meet to hang out. The cast is as basic as it can be, from a tsundere leader to a ditzy genius. They all congregate in a club room that seems to have more space than they need. What do they do? Talk and do things that come to light from it. A majority of the scenes occur in this room, seldom leaving it in the entire series. Sounds like Joshiraku huh? But the main difference is using comedy that can transpire in the real world; no supernatural stuff just human reactions to the jokes. Jokes run their course, if not returning as a gag later on. Typical troupes emerge but sometimes do not go to fruition; take the obligatory beach episode, they go as far a getting into swimsuits but the episode ends with them in the club room still.

The show is a good laugh and certainly entertains those looking for a plot-less show.



The show really had a great source material but was poorly executed in the anime adaptation. Yes it’s a game and there will be arcs, but I felt more confused as to the correlation with all the character’s stories to the main one. I cannot recommend this now that I finished it. Honestly, I forgot to write about this show for a second time in a row since this was one of the first shows to finish early. And I won’t be starting it anytime soon, sorry.


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