End of Season Impressions, Part 2

Winter 2013 is ending. Here then is my reviews final impressions for the shows I’ve watched. Fair warning, there may be spoilers. The listings are presented in a random order. Part 2 of 2.

Tamako Market

Tamako Market

This is what happens when you let KyoAni do their own show. But sometimes I get the feeling that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. As far as I know, KyoAni used the same character designer from K-On to create this cast. The colors too seem to be straight out of Nichijou’s pallet of artists as well. But this original has a nice story while sticking with the s-o-l elements well known for this studio. The only true twist is the addition of a talking bird. And, in an ignored fashion, the characters accept him as a usual occurrence. It’s hard to say how well this show concludes but it certainly leaves you feeling warm inside. It’s a new thing for KyoAni but it feels all too familiar.

Recommended for fans of KyoAni’s s-o-l style.


Little Busters

This lengthy game turned anime ends, even if not complete. Nothing new to cover since I’ve already mentioned in my first impression. Boy did I get Kud’s arc wrong. As far as I’ve heard, this anime makes a good supplement to the already successful game. Say, Key should just play these scenes for the game instead.

Yama no Sume

Yama no Susume

Studio 8bit really has come out with a quality work, too bad it’s four minutes per episode. Encouragement Climb, as the title implies, is about a girl who sets out with her friends to climb mountains. Thing is, our main character is afraid of heights and tends to be an indoor person, i.e. she’s not too sociable. This is where “encouragement” in the title comes in. Our lowly protagonist often gets persuaded to join these hikes by her longtime childhood friend. But it’s all in good terms as we see her develop skills in not only mountaineering but in social aspects as well. It’s a little gem that I wish was more than a sixth of a normal episode’s run.

Boku wa

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT

The gang is back for more antics, now with increased innuendo. After we left off last time on some sort of a sad note, the “I Don’t Have Many Friends” (i.e. Neighbors) Club is up to their strange “friend making” experiments again. Though this time we know their routine and how they don’t get much done. It comes to a point where the author seems to be directly bashing the lifestyles of otaku and recluse people alike. It’s a good laugh and but seeing Sena take many direct hit jokes gets repetitively boring. I think it’s about time to move the story forward. And we do, near the end again. The character with the most development seems to be Rika, but I’ll leave that for you to decide. Last note, I hate the OP and ED for this sequel, too mundane and not as lively as the last.

Watch season 1 first.



SHAFT unleashes its power of strange yet mesmerizing animation to bring this light novel to television. This time it’s about gods living in the human world. No, not that kind of god, a more omniscient take is used. Powers of the god Amaterasu befall our female protagonist, causing her world to be altered just by her mere thoughts. With that in mind, anything can happen in this show and we are truly are left guessing. But it’s not all random and great graphics, there a story setup behind the mayhem. Though its execution seem a bit off putting; things happen fast and the dialogue can get lengthy sometimes. I find myself rewinding most scenes just so I can understand things better. However, if you spend time doing this then you’ll definitely appreciate its madness.

Kind of recommended.

Sakurasou 2

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Continuing off from my first impression, the Pet Girl of Sakurasou manages to tie all the conundrums mentioned into a neat package that solves everything and more. What’s the key? Failure. That’s right, a very negative thought no one wants to encounter becomes the key to understanding. Seems abstract but I’ll use this one famous saying to make it clear: “Failure is often a stepping stone to success.” This theme encompasses our main character as he deals with people more “successful” than himself, the reason as to why such an apartment exists. There is too much to cover here, likely needing a full written review. If time permits, then I will work on one.

A couple of things I want to share:

1)      The initial premise for this show is totally wrong, causing it to be under-appreciated.

2)      Who else was hoping for Sorata and Aoyama would get together?

Highly recommended.

Ore no Kanojo

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru

Not sure how I feel about this show. For one thing, a typical romantic comedy with a childhood friend, a tsundere lover and the upcoming love triangle, despite being five sided, is present. But to counter, these tropes are lampooned directly in the dialogue itself. It comes to a point where we know what will happen but are still told about it just to make sure. It’s a game and we just see how the player, our male protagonist, chooses his path. Ugh, it’s so conflicting, and the ending doesn’t make for a clear conclusion either. Maybe this formula just works? Or maybe they figured out that they are running out of original ideas? Whatever, it got me to watch.


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