AMV Hell 6 Officially “Re-released”

That’s right, AMV Hell is back and has released their 6th movie! Rather, it’s “version 6.66 with more than 50% of of the original shorts being replaced with new ones.” Enjoy!

*There may be some spoilers in some of these shorts.

Full Credits Here.

“AMV Hell” is a community collaboration consisting of anime shorts paired to songs or dialogue designed to get a quick laugh from the viewers. The shorts usually last thirty seconds and are split by a “change in channel” animation. Think of it as an anime version of Robot Chicken.

There have been five such collaborated works since 2004, each time increasing in total duration. Movie lengths started by the third iteration. The series does include other, more adult, versions that is not considered in the official count.


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  1. Nice! I wasn’t sure things would go any further in the AMV Hell series but I’m happy to see more – I know what I’ll be watching over dinner tonight.

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