Girls und Panzer gets a Movie, but why?

Girls und Panzer, tank fleet

Good news everyone! I am excited about the announcement for a movie from this anime. But I am a bit surprised that the studio went for a feature length film instead of smaller productions, like a second season. Let’s answer questions that may have come up since this announcement:

  • What was their justification to announce a movie?

The only thing I can think of is that the studio is trying to redeem themselves from the embarrassing delays they’ve made in the show’s original run. But, in most cases, it is likely due to show’s successful sales and praise that would justify a movie announcement.

  • Why not a second season?

The easy answer is to say that the scriptwriters have an exciting plot in store for the movie.

The long answer would be not to copy a similar formula that the Saki franchise has used. Saki has it’s own successes by making multiple seasons that capture the adventures of a mahjong team as they rise to nationals. A lot of similarities can be made between the two shows, none more so than the “one battle at a time” episodic structure. That may be why ACTAS, GuP’s studio, is trying something else. Despite the vast amount of tanks and countries schools to portray, battles between them may get repetitive and not worth it if a second season does the same thing.

  • Wasn’t one season enough?

Probably. From an outsider’s standpoint, the conclusion was done well enough to not move on with a second season, let alone a movie. But from a production standpoint, the show was an original work and the studio has to make a reasonable conclusion in case fan interest/sales revenue does not meet projected levels. But that didn’t happen. As it is, GuP is one of 2012’s best anime. From a fan’s standpoint, I believe this is a great turn of events, certainly to be enjoyed by all when the movie premiers in 2014! Who knows, maybe they can do another season on top of this as well, just don’t make any delays…

Girls und Panzer, chibi tank parade

Panzer Vor!!!


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  1. Jackson seguin

    I personally love girls und panzer but I am a boy

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