Fall 2013 Preview: Non Non Biyori

Welcome to the countryside!

This is Non Non Biyori, a casual school anime set away from the┬áhustle and bustle of the city. But what’s unique about this anime is that there are no separate classes; there are so few students that the school lumps all the students (a whooping five of them) together. The cast ranges from elementary to middle school, so no service here, except for maybe the cute doings these girls manage to get into.

I’ve been reading the manga for a while now and I can say that this adaptation is nothing special. The cast and their personalities certainly border on the generic but at least there are some unique relationships here. Since it’s a small town, some students are related to one another, heck even the teacher is a sibling to a student. At least we get a city dweller transplanted into the cast, this is so that the audience can get accustomed to the countryside alongside her.

Non Non Biyori Prev

I’m looking forward to this casual, slice-of-life anime this season. While it won’t be highly anticipated, I hope this will be known for making a few laughs every now and then.


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