Fall 2013 Preview: Coppelion

Long awaited but certainly respected for the delay.

Coppelion Prev

Set a few decades after a 2016 nuclear meltdown in Tokyo city, a group of genetically engineered girls immune to radiation help to rescue the remaining inhabitants of the former capital. They encounter strange animals and peoples as they explore shelters and notable landmarks. Oh, and did I mention they wield weapons AND supernatural powers? Sounds like a Japanese Fallout? Maybe so, we’ll just wait and see what happens.

The manga has been publishing since 2008 and an anime adaptation was planned for 2011. But the tragic events of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami caused a similar nuclear event as stated in the manga. Production was halted until enough time was made to distance the event from this anime. The time is now and I believe it is distanced well enough.

I love the manga, including its pacing and action scenes. But one thing I praise the manga for is the use of scenery and tone. Tokyo is wrapped in flora and the buildings show a natural decay, something different from the usual post-apocalyptic dystopia seen in similar genres. We see more of a “science-possibility” rather than science-fiction. The author isn’t afraid to blame nuclear technology for the onset of disasters like these, sometimes even adding in anti-nuclear comments in the character’s speeches.


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