Fall 2013 Preview: Log Horizon

From a light novel of the same name, this anime re-imagines online gaming and everyday life as a blending of the two.

Inevitable SAO/.hack comparison goes here…

But I think a new perspective should be given, especially considering the author of the novel, Mamare Touno. This author is only known for one other work Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, which got an anime adaptation last winter. I believe there’s a good narrative to be had when considering the wonderful work done in Maoyu.

Log Horizon 01

Looking at the preview videos, this anime looks to have a more casual (maybe even slice-of-life) atmosphere than what is typical of this niche genre of fantasy. But don’t get me wrong, there will be action as expected.¬† More so when we get to see an interface the players use. Large battles seem to be on the way.

The cast looks plentiful and colorful as we expect in a world of player characters. Looking forward to the story and action.


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