Moe Military closer to (fictional) reality

erica (naze1940)

That moe military thing I mentioned in an old post seems closer to becoming a real thing.

Just announced is an anime adaptation for “Kantai Collection,” a browser game that features moe anthropomorphized WWII battleships. Expect to see large guns flanking the outfits of these lovely ladies. Popularity has skyrocketed with a wide range of fan art on hand. One example shown here is with one of the most popular girls, Shimakaze:

Kantai Collection, Shimakaze

Attacking from the Land, Sea and Sky!

In just the past few years military themed anime has taken top spots in otaku viewership. So it looks like we have a good lineup for a moe military to invade our hearts. Let’s take a look:

  • Starting off with the skies, “Strike Witches” takes the same approach as Kantai Collection by anthropomorphizing war planes.

Air - Strike Witches

  • As mentioned earlier, naval operations will be headed by the KC girls.

Naval - Kantai Collection

  • For ground coverage, we have schoolgirls in tanks redundantly titled “Girls und Panzer” patrolling the land.

Land - Girls und Panzer

Land - Sabagebu

Now that looks like a military that will bring cute to the battlefield. And they are not afraid to use the M-bomb, the Moe bomb that is!


The moe blanket looks to cover much of the military well. Now all we need is a big crossover to tie it all in.

Military Anime Character Crossover


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