Summer 2013 Anime, Final Impressions, Part 1

mikuni (mikunik)

Anime from this summer season represented a lot of aspects in the otaku community, and where its headed. Some shows border on the standard while others break from the norm, if not creating a new one. I was happy to watch most of these shows and would like to share with you some final impressions.

Randomly ordered. Spoilers likely included in the conversation.

Sunday without God

Sunday wo God

My high hopes shattered to pieces as this anime concluded. Don’t get me wrong, the premise is amazing but the execution of the arcs didn’t fare well. Much of the story turned into a convoluted mess during the transitions. It was hard to follow the plot and character development went by so fast that I often mistake the viewpoints of the character’s conversations. I mean how is that baby at all related to the story?! I think the producers wanted to cram a lot of material into this adaptation, bad move. If you know you’ll be putting a lot in, then consider an extended season to smooth out the transitions better. It’s still a good watch but be prepared to ask questions only novel readers would know.

Danganropa the Animation

Dangan Ronpa

So ends the game of classroom trials and punishments. Much of this anime stayed true to its game origins, even including some interface art. But the inevitable end arc was coming, crazy explanations included. Again, I never played the games but this ending presented in animated form was satisfactory to my expectations. The twist was there and only those who played close attention could have guessed right. The end was okay but I expect a lot of alternate content to appear in OVAs and specials, maybe even a new season.


Free! 02

I think KyoAni did it. They finally made a K-On! for girls. Nothing really happened for the most part that took away from the formation and training of this all male swim club. Is there service? Yeah, but ever so subtle. Is there homosexuality? No, just good childhood friends that want to reconnect. Akin to KyoAni’s previous successes, Free gives fans what they wanted and nothing much else. Now if you want more just search for fan art and fiction.

Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon 02

Who knew agriculture can be so fun? Throughout our time with Hachiken, we get to be immersed in the world of farms and livestock. Every aspect can be seen through the large cast of discernible characters. Not only do we see the plight of some characters but the eccentricities of the rural life. No wonder the manga is award winning. Give it a watch and properly thank those who worked to get food on your plate. See you back on the second season.

Golden Mosaic

Golden Mosaic 02

Ah, feel comforted as you’ve just watched the only true slice-of-life anime this season. Nothing much else to say, Mosaic follows the tried and true, albeit tossed in with some Engrish. Watch it for the cute blondes yeah?

Blood Lad

Blood Lad 02

It’s true that anything can happen. Blood Lad left me rolling my eyes a few times but overall I was satisfied with the watch. It was hard to identify arcs in this anime since the episodes jump from one scene to the next in lightning succession.  Could an extended season have worked better? No, I believe it wasn’t necessary since the plot of “bringing her back to life” always shows up in the dialogue. It’s just that in order for our hero to accomplish this he has to go out of his way to fill errands and requests, sometimes conflicting with other interests. Seems a bit RPG-ish, well at least the player is “rushing through” the game.

Senyuu. 2

Senyuu 02

So it’s over right? This five minute show seems to have lost its comedy steam as it went along. When the narrator assumes we know the background, somehow the story reflects that. Sometimes the characters can be a bit chatty but at least there is some fast moving scenes. I feel a little let down by this sequel.


Watamote 02

A+ for the cringe worthy scenes and animation. Who knew much effort was put into this anime, I mean I was expecting no more than a simple adaptation. But Silver Link has gone further by introducing noteworthy energy to our heroine’s thoughts; sequences of her brooding or building rage. Our feelings towards her are conflicted as sometimes we feel sympathy yet other times we get angry. Sometimes I wonder if she is actually suffering from an ailment and the writer disguised as social awkwardness.

Dog & Scissors

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou 02

Crazy is as crazy happens. This anime relies on much of its established jokes and gags, never straying away from them. Using this approach tends to stall character development and the story overall. Which it did since we never got to understand the main character’s position on being a dog, or wanting to get out of it. The formula was the same with other characters and their crazy quarks. Watch it for some comedy but be warned it may get repetitive.

Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation

Hyperdimension Neptunia  02

I never played the games. But I want to now… I just like moe anthropomorphisms. Overall the anime played out like a cash grab for those who are fans of the franchise. Enjoyable for some moments and strange in others. But there seems to be multiple endings sprinkled in the arcs which makes for an anime you can pick up mid-season. And did I mention the service happy scenes? And damn that catchy OP and ED, I can’t get them out of my head!


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