New Strike Witches anime NOT a sequel!


YES!! More anime from the universe where WW2 was fought with girls without pants!

Earlier this week producers have the green -lit a third installment of the anime franchise as well as an OVA.


But wait! There’s even more exciting news: The new SW projects will not be following the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, a.k.a. the “Strike Witchesfor a third season, sad as it may be…


But what could it be then? An alternate retelling? Nope! There is plenty of material to make a new SW adaption. In fact there are many stories than can get the animated treatment including:


Or maybe we’ll get an entirely original set of pant-less fighters? The universal cast is so large already, adding more wouldn’t hurt… I can’t wait!


So far we only know the Original Video Animation (OVA) will be titled Operation Victory Arrow (OVA). Redundant or clever?


Can you tell I’m a big fan? Stay tuned for more.


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