Saimoe 2013 Update: Group Finals Top 8

Saimoe 2013 E8

After a few months of matches beginning with 200+ hopefuls, we now have a list of finalists for the year. Here are the elite eight from the group finals ready to bout off in the epic battle that is Saimoe.

And the finalists are:

Saimoe 2013 Mami Tomoe

Saimoe 2013 Ayase Aragaki

Saimoe 2013 Kyouko Sakura

Saimoe 2013 Tomoka Minato

Saimoe 2013 Kobato Hasegawa

Saimoe 2013 Main Character

  • Ruri Gokou – Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai.

Saimoe 2013 Ruri Gokou

Saimoe 2013 Sayaka Miki

At least it’s not a Saki sellout like last year.

Looks like a strong lineup with a few lolis sprinkled in. Glad to see die hard Madoka fans make a push to bring back some of the cast. Oreimo also has the potential to win with two supporting characters, likely due to the cult following they made. I’m really surprised to see “Main Character” from such a lesser known anime make it here, congrats to her.

But it’s not over yet! Pairing amongst the contestants are to come next month, along with eight other contestants from the loosers bracket, a new concept introduced this year. Best of luck to our top of the top, and the bottom too.


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