[Winter 2014] Fall 2013 Preview: Pupa

Having a heart, and eating it too…

Pupa 01

The anime take on unconditional love for a sibling, albeit a bit bloody. Instead of a romantic comedy, we get more of a dramatic and horror-esque theme in use. Imagine that your little sister (typical, I know) becomes a monster with a taste for human flesh. What would you, as the older brother, do in this crazy situation? Abandon her or risk your life to continue loving her? That pretty much covers the premise.

We all know what the older brother is likely to choose, I mean it is the plot driver after all. The manga the anime was adapted from really tests one’s ability to evaluate morality issues as well as stomaching a few gory moments.

Pupa 02

All this while still making the little sister as cute as any other girl character in an anime. On both cute and horror aspects, the art is really interesting and certainly would hope for the adaptation to do the same. From the looks of it, this anime might be the one to garner attention from more than just the otaku crowd.

Update: This anime was supposed to air last season (Fall 2013) but was delayed due to the studio not meeting the creator’s expectations. Also, reports indicate that the anime will have short episodes.


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