MOE Can Change! Review

MOE Can Change - Start Screen

MOE Can Change! is an app made by Ambition and available for both iOS and Andriod. The basic premise is to customize a “robot” girl called a MyRiod to your liking. From eye color to the clothes she wears to her personality, most of it can be changed, hence the title. But she’s no ordinary robot for she has built in “feelings.” Don’t worry though, this digital person isn’t as demanding as say a Tamagotchi pet, a mini handheld game popular in the late 1990’s. It that respect, she doesn’t die for being left alone, she just gets a little annoyed.

MOE Can Change - MyRoid

This free app is browser based and does not feature any animation, sound or story. Bare bones yes, but there sure are many things that can be done within it. You can alter her personality through study sessions, send her to work, socialize with other MyRoids, make outfit recommendations, participate in lotteries, contests and exchanges, and of course go shopping. Check out the wiki for more info. There is a lot of clothing and accessories available, all with multiple colors and styles. There is a two currency system though; in game and real money. But the selection doesn’t bias to one currency or the other, making for a fairly diverse collection.

MOE Can Change - StatusMOE Can Change - Interact

Certain items are locked by level, of which you must be gained through experience points by socializing and making recommendations. Higher levels even unlock the privilege to have more than one MyRoid. This plus daily bonuses make it enticing keep coming back every day.

MOE Can Change - Shopping

Let’s talk demographics: Just who is this app targeting? Girls who like to play with their dress-up dolls? Otakus who want a digital girlfriend? The answer is probably the latter; along the lines of those who keep a hugging pillow and calls it their wife… This game is from Japan of course, where 1.5 million players harbor a digital girl on their mobile. On a side note, the English translation is pretty well done with good grammar.

MOE Can Change - Social

Popularity was big enough to get an anime green-lit in 2012, but only as single OVA episode though. In it we see the soon to be mascots of the game play “outfit change” until they encounter a rogue MyRoid. Not much explanation is given from what was already done so in game. It’s a nice effort but can be skipped.

MOE Can Change - Sleep

The game really isn’t that notable; it’s just here with little advertising. After giving a few months of daily visits, the Myroids you create and encounter seem repetitive with their bland looks and expressions. And despite the endless customization options, one downside is the inability to change their skin tone. But a cute girl will be a cute girl. Most will appreciate the app for bringing the virtual girl genre to mobile.

MOE Can Change - Events


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