Can Coppelion be better with military attire?

Coppelion 02

Coppelion was presented as an action anime more than any other genre. Sure some elements from other genres showed up, but the show overall had more action and sci-fi oriented scenes in it. With this knowledge, could Coppelion have been better if military uniforms were used instead of school attire? I’m pretty sure people came up with this question while watching this show/reading the manga, or something similar to it.

hagiwara (kururabo02)

This should have been standard issue.

I think it could have because let’s face it, these girls were going into unknown territory straight out of their training. Why not better equip them with state of the art military garb? They only have a gun, a radio, some medicine and food on hand or in a bag. Modern military uniforms seem more practical since they can carry the stuff mentioned and more, plus body armor. If the creator were going to make an all out action show, then military uniforms should have been the way to go.

Now let’s look at the defense, how else can we see their beautiful figures? Good point. But the essential thought of a school uniform conjures up images of cute girls in an equally cute slice-of-life anime. And to add, we’ll get to see some panty shots from time to time! But that’s not what this anime is. In fact the character designs, with their heavy outlines and pale skin, don’t make for a cute girl.

Coppelion x Nichijou

What I think of when I hear “school uniform.”

But I can also see why military uniforms were not used.¬† Bulky outfits and movements could possibly turn away a greater audience. These girls do have some looks, covering them up in heavy armor wouldn’t do justice. And they can’t really move around as freely if they were in uniform. A possible reason to use school uniforms is to show the extent of their genetic modifications; to show to others of the difference between them and everyone else who is wearing an NBC suit.

There are many more pros and cons to mention besides the ones I can think of. But in the end, the author/illustrator was the one who decided the attire. I’d love to see his/her answer to this question. But for now, what do you think? Comment below and participate in the poll.


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