Spring 2014 Preview: One Week Friends

Welcome in spring by starting a new friendship. Welcome in spring by starting a new friendship.

Isshuukan Friends PV 01

Isshuukan Friends is adapted from a manga of the same name. Most people will roll their eyes for this anime’s use of one of the most common plot devices known in storytelling. Here’s the synopsis: Our female lead,┬áKaori Fujimiya, has a condition where she forgets relationships established with others over the span of a week, resetting every Monday. Due to this, she never manages to make friends and is thus seen as a cold and unsociable person in class. However, that is not how our male lead, Yuuki Hase, sees it. Yuuki is determined to establish a connection with her and hopes to bring out her joyful side while setting the course for a healthy friendship with her.

Isshuukan Friends 02

So what makes this different from other shows? Well, not much; seems pretty commonplace to me. But in my opinion, I get a “light” atmosphere from both the manga and the anime trailer. And by light I mean by casual conversations that lead to light humor, characters that only show minimal expressions and a slow going plot. It is still a romantic comedy, but not as fast paced and crazy as say “50 First Dates.” The plot is more focused and characters don’t give instant reactions, just down to Earth honest interaction. This will likely make it one of the more causal anime you can watch and recommend to first time viewers.

Isshuukan Friends 03

Mini Manga Review:

The manga is unique in how it is formatted. The artist uses 4-koma to get the plot rolling. But for more emotional or plot making moments, the artist slowly transitions to standard panels. It’s a unique technique that is well executed for the pace it’s going. Sometimes you’ll get two or more transitions.

Isshuukan Friends 04a

There are other characters that do come into play, each helping to bring our budding couple into a better light while challenging their own friendships. Certainly, one of the loveable aspects of this cast is how innocent they are; no one emotion expressed was faked towards another. The manga so far is a joy to read and hopefully the anime adaption will set the same mood.

Isshuukan Friends 05



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