Winter 2014 Anime, Quick Final Impressions

Engaged to the Unidentified x Space Dandy

Presented here is a list of final impressions from the anime I watched in Winter 2014, this time in alphabetical order. Possible spoilers included.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren W14

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren, sequel

A sequel with as much plot development as in three episodes from the last. Take time away from our main couple and you’ll only make filler for the show. Sadly, that’s what happened. There is a good narrative at hand but it is sidelined by the supporting cast who got more screen time. And remember, some of them are not from the original source material.

D-Frag! W14


All out funny with sarcastic remarks! Watch it for a good laugh. Follow the one character that showed any true development, Takao. She’s soo cute and way too honest to be in this anime! There’s a vast amount of ugly extras, sometimes deliberately (and annoyingly) taking time away from the main cast. You would think there is no plot due to the crazy antics this cast does, but there is!

Silver Spoon W14

Gin no Saji 2S, sequel

Same remarks as last season, awesome. Such a great story that manages to immerse us in the trials and tribulations of agriculture. A must watch.

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha W14

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.

A wonderfully executed anime and with not one episode to slow the plot. I can see that this anime was a faithful adaptation of its source material. This anime is unique in that the main focus isn’t really that of the gods but that of the humans (just like last season’s anime that had fox deities too). Also, character development was spread throughout the cast, without one taking the spotlight too long. As for demographics, it’s an even split between boys and girls; to be enjoyed by all.

Kill la Kill W14

Kill la Kill, continued from Fall 2013

Fantastical, over the top animation. A plot that seems convoluted and heavily improvised but works out in the end. It was hinted early on that something big was going to change the plot. I’m glad that they didn’t settle down in the action for too long. There is much to say but I’ll say this, the anime makes a good homage to classic styles of animation while taking a modern twist. Trigger, the rowdy godchild of Gainax, is set to make new waves in anime. A job well done.

Log Horizon W14

Log Horizon, continued from Fall 2013

Seriously cool and eases in to the next arcs without feeling any episode was a filler. MMORPG players and non-gamers alike should be able to appreciate the showmanship in developing the world they reside in, and how both the audience and the characters interpret its rules. But a lot of screen time was taken away from our little assassin; Akatsuki seemed like an extra in most episodes. Hopefully her role becomes more prominent in the next season.

Mahou Sensou W14

Mahou Sensou

The original creator was right, what a mess. I’m sure there were good intentions for an adaptation, but the anime didn’t convey it that way. Following the story was difficult and sometimes the characters felt one sided. The show doesn’t break from the typical mold either. I never felt connected to the setting without questioning possible plot holes. Really, do we need another magic ability school with object familiars?

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

Cuteness overload! But let’s sideline a bit as I discuss about the most broken character in an anime. You know who, the overly obsessed one. Benio destroys what would otherwise be a perfect rom-com. While we act this way towards Mashiro through a screen, Benio is actually there and can physical be with her! Yeah, I’m a bit jealous but more concerned for Mashio safety. As for the rest, the story was good with ample character development. Though there is much mystery that surrounds what Mashiro and others are, that can easily be forgotten for one well made comedy. Hope for a second season!

A Lull in the Sea W14

Nagi no Asukara, continued from Fall 2013

Focusing on the second half, there is much to love in Miuna’s character. But the end felt just a tad bit cheesy. I believe there wasn’t enough time given to the audience to let things settle in. We were given much to take in even after the hibernation. Only near the tail end we, and the cast themselves, were beginning get used to the new. The final send off also felt open ended since the relationships essentially got reset. One thing to give praise for is the always gorgeous character and background design. Those eyes, they’re like the ocean! Ha, puns. The anime overall was a great drama and meets the same caliber of expectations PA Works is known to do.

Nisekoi W14

Nisekoi, mid-season

Clichè ridden but at least it’s Shaft. Voice actor for Chitoge is a perfect match, as noted by her previous Engrish work. The anime was closer to the Hidamari Sketch formula than I would think; bright colors and all. The soundtrack is nearly identical too.

Nourin W14


Put an “E/I” stamp on it for teaching me agriculture. No, don’t compare this to Silver Spoon, I’ll stab you if you do! The show had a rocky start being all comedy at first. Was this a form of early filler? Who knows? But we gradually get serious near the tail end, sometimes prioritizing educational material more than character development. What left me with a bad impression is how the “retiring idol” concept never went anywhere from the synopsis. The promo picture is totally misleading. Even our male lead, who was her biggest fan, became adjusted to her presence in just a couple of episodes. I can’t give good remarks for this show, except for a few otaku in-jokes and silly dialogue.

onee-chan ga kita W14

Onee-chan ga Kita

Colorful but not as funny as I expected. Older sister in law likes little brother in law, simple as that. It was a good short anime run.

Pupa W14


I can see why the author had disagreements for an adaptation and delaying it till this season. The adaptation just plain sucks! It looks like the studio just gave up to the demands of the author and did what they wanted. But since they were under contract, the studio had to make something. Read the manga and go watch Pupipo! instead.

Pupipo W14


The underappreciated short that has not so great art but is made up for with a moving story. You’ll definitely feel for her as she develops into a caring and compassionate individual, a stark contrast to what she was earlier.

ImoCho W14

Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga.

What to say, what to say? Terrible censoring, yeah that pretty much sums it up. Most of the stuff that goes on in this anime is just wired, including the soft-core content. Watch it for the pervert in you. And be prepared, a live action film is coming.

World Conquest Zvezda Plot W14

Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda

Coming soon. But I can say this: Best original story this season, conquered!

Space Dandy W14


Structured loosely but that’s the appeal for this anime. Also this anime was one that had more outside cultural influences in recent years. That’s likely how this got picked up to air in the US. It’s a fun watch and definitely adaptable to many sci-fi settings, sometimes to a comedic effect. Just think of it as a Japanese Futurama. Keep an eye out for the second season!

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta W14

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta

War changes people. But how often is the person you fall in love with is your ultimate enemy? Meh, it happens. In other words, the story seemed a bit crummy. I will applaud the setting though, both in the floating lands and in the aircraft designs look nice. There are loose connections to the original movie that spun off this series but that’s about it. It was a nice effort and definitely leaves the door open for a continuation.

Tonari no Seki-kun W14

Tonari no Seki-kun, mid-season

The adaptation is right to the tee. Still ecstatic at how most of his antics can theoretically be done on an actual school desk. Such fun and wonderment comes out of each 10 minute episode that you would be a fool to miss out on 120 minutes of your time. Despite largely being a funny man, straight woman act, there was much left to be adapted, including possible love interest development and including other characters as in the manga. Here’s hoping they’ll be added in the second half!


Wake Up, Girls!

My first idol anime and it turns out to have more drama than actual full length insert songs. Good, just the way I like it! The voice cast is all new and performed well. The art, specifically the character color palettes, is unique in itself; multiple shades of skin tone and eye color looked off at first but soon made its own appeal. The anime overall was good and makes for a nice morale booster to the residents of Sendai.

Witch Craft Works W14

Witch Craft Works

Adapted from the manga well but was paced a bit fast. Sometimes I couden’t tell who the antagonist was; I lost comprehension behind the character’s motives every time a new cast member shows up. In doing so the story took a slight hit. But it’s made up for with very colorful scenes and fights. Backgrounds are almost dynamic due to the addition of “abnormalities,” like bunnies, fish and random art. I liked this feature in the manga and I certainly appreciate its inclusion in the anime.

wizard barristers benmashi cecil W14

Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil

Not the cute anime I was believing it would be but definitely action filled. All the characters seemed off in color composition and clothing styles. But I guess this anime wasn’t meant to have many cute scenes, my expectations are dashed. The fights and action scenes however are on an entirely different level. There are some amazing visuals on the plate. Even the courtroom dialogue was exciting for some parts.


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