Manga Review: Ni no Maeshii no Tsukaikata

A robot finding his purpose, but kinda looses his way. Short and episodic in nature. Wish there was more!

Ni no Maeshii no Tsukaikata 01

Title: Ni no Maeshii no Tsukaikata

English: How to Use Ninomae Shii

Author & Illustrator: Nekosuna Ippei

Publishing Years: 2011-12

Ni no Maeshii no Tsukaikata 02

Let me introduce you to Ninomae Shii an android, built by a super genius who is only in middle school. But our silent creator doesn’t get the spotlight for too long since she remains mute in the series (only communicating through flash cards). Rather, the main focus is on the robot who is trying to find a purpose for his creation. While looking for a directive, Shii encounters unique people that usually get him into hilarious outcomes.

Much of the comedy is set in the combined middle/ high school building Shii is literally plugged into; he has a power chord for a tail and can’t really leave the robotics club room. Shii becomes mobile by the middle of the manga, allowing for more off campus antics.

Ni no Maeshii no Tsukaikata 03

The manga has a slow going story, leaving room for some character development. But a majority of the content is focused on periodic comedy and quite a few fan service bits.

What I enjoyed the most out of this manga would probably be on the supporting cast. Aside from the middle school genius, there’s a pervert that takes every opportunity to flip skirts, a (not to sneaky) ninja sent by the Japanese government to monitor the robot, and student council president that actually does her job!

Interactions between these characters are a joy and they definitely grow to be likeable. And, towards the middle, relationships are established with the most unlikely of people, but certainly appreciated in this 30 chapter manga.

Ni no Maeshii no Tsukaikata 04

The manga’s run was a short burst of delight that I wished had continued; it was a sudden announcement in the penultimate chapter that the series would come to an end, surprising me out of nowhere.

The art style Ippei uses is normal yet cute. Some characters appear to be plain since they have looks that are proven to work in most other character types. But I’m not saying they’re bland; it’s all about the personalities mentioned earlier. This manga also has ecchi moments at almost every third chapter, but at least it’s expected in the chapter rather than out of nowhere. Those scenes are pretty good; just remember they’re in high school…

Ni no Maeshii no Tsukaikata 05

As for comparisons, I mostly identify with Nichijou because both have a robot character that are trying to fit in, with lots of comedy set in the stories.

Give it a read since it’s short and pleasing.


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