Summer 2014 Preview: Survival Game Club!

Land - Sabagebu

More girls with guns, albeit the BB variety…

“Survival Game Club!” or “Sabagebu!” has exactly the same premise as C3 did last year. So what’s different then? Well, a lot actually. Firstly, comedy of all kinds (slapstick, gags, 4th wall, parody) takes a predominant role to get the show going. From the looks of it not much gun battles will take place but instead, crazy situational stuff involving guns maybe. Now I don’t know if there will be tournaments like in C3 but it would be fun to see that kind of thing here too. Not sure if any educational material will be present, like with Upotte. One thing I can be sure of, no “life-changing” stuff down the line because that would brake the nature this comedy. For now, brush up on the type of guns they will be using via a list of image references curtsey of Internet Movie Firearm Database (imfdb).

Update: The first episode per-aired at the and of last month and I can assure my opinions hold, except for that platypus mascot’s voice!


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