Kantai Collection Anime Adaptaion Ideas

Kantai Collection‘s anime adaptation will be airing January 2015, nearly a year from its original start date back in Summer 2014. Here’s the official PV:

Why push the premiere back? Well, for being an online card game, there isn’t much of a story, just battles against the enemy. But with such a large fandom behind the franchise, producers have to take time and effort in order to please them. There is A LOT OF CONTENT already made by fans, each with different interpretations for how the story will go, how the characters interact, and how they operate. But certain themes come about amongst all the ideas out there. While we’re waiting for the eventual premiere, let’s delve into some of the popular ideas that could make it into the anime.

Kancolle PV Poster

But first, I will assume that you know what Kancolle is, or have played the game to know the concepts discussed. If not, go Google it, or click here!

Here’s what we know officially: The anime will follow Fubuki, a destroyer new to the naval academy.

The Story

Kancolle Story Ideas

Alright, let’s test the waters and look over the most popular story ides, starting with the most plausible:

1) Slice of Life – This largely borrows from the official manga of the franchise. It will entail following Fubuki in her everyday life, meeting others ships, and going on challenging sorties. “Life lessons” and the “value of friendship” will be central to the plot. More than half the time the anime will be a comedy with some sprinkles of action scenes.

2) Deconstruction – A theme that detracts from the norm and will certainly break some hearts. There will be some serious injuries with death being a common occurrence. Battles will take much of the air time with the rest being on psychological contemplation/mental scaring. For example, Fubuki makes a friend that is soon killed off by her wrongdoing. Some adaptions take the sunken ships and turn them into enemy vessels.

3) Like a Game – Remember Arpeggio? Or how about Girls und Panzer? Yeah, it’ll be similar to that. The majority of the anime will focus on cool and cunning battles where tactical prowess will be needed. And since Kancolle is already game, much of the concepts will make an easy transition to the anime, including technical descriptions of ships and equipment. There story will be in arcs and historical fleet compositions are likely to pop up.

The Ships

Kancolle Ships

There are tons of ships, each with abilities and personalities that sets one apart from each other. While I’d love to explain each one, there’s just too many! Instead, check the wiki’s ship list, pick one you like, and see what she’s known for. But there are some unofficial themes that are shared amongst them:

1) PTSD – As a majority of these ships have sunk in real life. Some adaptations bring them back as girls, albeit with some added stress to them. Having them remember a trauma can decide their fate in battle, or bring about a comedic scene.

2) Sisters – It’ll be hard not to use this one, the ships among same class are sisters. It’ll be easy to identify since sister classes share the same uniform. Conflicts between other classes will be common with competitions running on their minds, comparing one another.

3) Spirit of the Ship – Girls are selected to be candidates for ships and are transformed into one, whether voluntarily or forced. They eventually become the ship in spirit.

Other Characters

Kancolle Other Chara

It’s not just a full cast of ship girls. Here are other characters commonly seen in adaptations:

1) The Admiral – i.e. the player character, making decisions whether for better or worse. He may be faceless or actually have some character to him. Either way, his decisions are final and all ships must follow the code he sets. Some depict him as an honest guy while others set him as a pervert.

2) The Secretary – There are two, a ship chosen by the admiral as the designated flagship and Ooyodo, a quest NPC. Both function as the mediator between the admiral and the rest of the fleet. Some adaptions show them correcting the admirals mistakes or managing the fleet all by herself.

4) Supply Ship – or Mamiya, she is often referenced as the caterer of the fleet. Some adaptions show her running a restaurant at the docks.

5) Fairies – No, not the winged kind. These chibi characters run in the background, maybe operating the construction dock, spinning the compass, or working on various equipment such as the guns or planes. Most adaptations show them dong their thing, cutely and quietly. Few actually show them talking amongst themselves or with the ships.

6) Enemy Vessels – Most of the ships have a sinister look to them, some with a female appearance. If the anime were to be a comedy, then we may get to see their plight, maybe even befriending the ship girls.

Game Concepts

Kancolle Game Concepts

These concepts and items may appear in the show as well due to their notoriety in the game:

1) Resources – Fuel, Ammo, Steel, and Bauxite are needed for everything done in the game. Some of the resources are more a precious commodity than others. Sometimes these resources are seen being eaten by the ships, along with regular food.

2) Docking -Allows for ships to heal their injuries/decompress from a stressful day. This is achieved from resting at a bath dry dock. No anime is complete without a bath scene…

3) Buckets – Known as Instant Repair in the game, buckets are green in color and allow for quick repair of ships. Some adaptations depict them as a special mineral water or an elixir.

4) Construction/Dismantlement – Where ships are born/go to die. Not much is known about what goes on at those shipyards as these areas tackle the ship’s origin in some way, see “spirit of the ship” above. Maybe the anime will explain it.

5) Modernization/Remodeling – In game it is essentially upgrading a ship’s stats. But for some adaptations, it may be used to improve a person’s appearance and/or change their personality.

That’s about it. If there’s anything you’d like to add to the ideas and concepts that might make it into the anime, please feel free to comment below.

And remember to treasure your ship girls!

Kancolle Admiral Hug


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