AMV Hell 7 Out Now!

The folks at AMV Hell are proud to release their latest feature length movie: AMV Hell 7


AMV Hell” is a community collaboration project that works on pairing anime clips with songs (or dialogue) in order to garner a quick laugh from viewers. The shorts usually last thirty seconds and are separated by a “change in channel” animation. Think of it as an anime version of Robot Chicken. There have been six-(ish) such works since 2004, with plenty of Mini episodes in between.

People from all skill levels of AMV production submitted thousands of clips hoping that theirs will be selected for this project. This time the administrators selected and assembled 292 short clips for this one and a half hour feature.

Now prepare to laugh, clap, raise eyebrows, spontaneously cringe, or have an indifferent reaction to all the madness that is AMV Hell. Enjoy!

WARNING: There are spoilers in some clips. Rated R; suggestive themes and language. And yeah, it’s not all anime…

Here’s the Credits to check what anime and sound clips were used.


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