Kantai Collection anime now has a story!

More details about KanColle’s anime adaptation were released today. Check out the latest preview video:

As for the story, it’s really close to what I predicted a while back, since there isn’t one in the game after all.

Impressions from this PV:

  • Looks to be a slice-of-life just like the manga adaptation. But surely there will be cool naval battles like the ones seen in first PV to balance things out (hopefully).
  • Spirit of the Ship; the girls are connected with the vessels of the past. I called it!
  • Not entirely animated in CG like Arpeggio was, which was what the first PV alluded to.
  • What a big cast! This is sure to please fans of each ship girl!

Kantai Collection PV2

Here’s hoping for more videos from one of the most anticipated anime of Winter 2014, whether your a fan or not!



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4 responses to “Kantai Collection anime now has a story!

  1. daikama

    Overall, I thought both PVs were good – better than I expected/hoped. CGI or not, PV1 looked good IMO with the old-time film footage effect a nice touch. BMG so far has been really good as well.

    As for the mix of action/battle to SOL type moments ala Fubuki, Ganbarimasu! manga, if the first PV is any indication, I think the anime will be fine in that regard. The two major questions I have are as follows: (1) How accessible will the anime be to those who don’t play the game and/or read the manga? (2) How well will the show handle its large cast of characters? Assuming a 1-cour (12-13 episode) run, that doesn’t leave much time for character introduction let alone depth and development.

    Just to be clear, I’m optimistic regarding the anime and certainly would encourage anyone who’s interested, whether they are familiar with KanColle or not, to give it a try.

    • Thank you for your comments!

      It does take some time to explain the franchise to those who haven’t played and/or read KanColle beforehand. That’s why I liked your primer post when I found it today. I now use your post to refer people who want to know more about KanColle past the “It’s a moe anthropomorphism of WWII Japanese warships” synopsis. Thank you for the detailed explanations!

      Yes, I too am pondering those questions you posed.
      IMO, the anime adaptation will either be catered to the fans (having references to game elements within the show) or to a more general audience (acting as a standalone entity separate from the game). Both scenarios are fine but the former may lose a few people and will need to be explained by fans like us.

      I too am worried about the anime being 1 cour only.
      The production staff would be hard pressed to fit so much content in just 12-13 eps. Who knows, they may go for a second season or make other content like OVAs if they do stick to 1 cour.

      The KanColle fan-base is large already, overtaking events like Comiket. Producers may see that as an indicator to make more content down the line if they’ve already signed the contract for a 1-cour anime. In other words, more profits from the sales of 2+ seasons that stay 1-cour. But this may be at the cost of story and character development… Either way, it’s more eps to enjoy!

      Again, thank you for commenting and checking out my blog. I love your military anime blog by way!

      • daikama

        Your quite welcome for the comments and thanks for checking our blog. 😀 Glad you enjoyed the content and found the KanColle Primer post useful. TBH, I had an interest in the game for quite a while before I actually started playing (as I noted, WWII + cute girls pretty much means I’m in XD ). As I investigated the game in preparation for playing, I did indeed discover there is quite a bit more to it than simply cute (ship)girls doing cute things. That was my motivation for writing the primer.

        — IMO, the anime adaptation will either be catered to the fans (having references to game elements within the show) or to a more general audience (acting as a standalone entity separate from the game).

        Certainly possible, but my guess is that the anime will attempt to cater to both to the extent possible. Something like Girls und Panzer (“GuP”). With GuP you had a lot of WWII “Easter egg” type stuff. From hardware such as the DUKW and Morris reconnaissance car cameos in the OVA to Ep. 08/09 reference to Gen. McAuliffe’s famous “Nuts!” reply. Another example is in KanColle PV2. Those who played the game immediately picked up on the stuffed toy penguin reference. I imagine those who are not familiar with KanColle thought “OK, cute girl has a stuffed toy… moving on.” That being said, IMO it wasn’t an intrusive “Easter egg” – something that overshadowed the overall scene. To me that’s the key for the anime’s success with both its core fan base and those new to the franchise. Such a balanced approach worked well for GuP IMO, and hopefully KanColle anime can achieve the same result. If the second PV is any indication, I think there’s a good chance of that.

        IMO, attempting to focus primarily (key) on the core fan base (i.e. those who play the game) would be a mistake. I’ve read comments by some who play the game already complaining “Where’s my Kanmusu waifu!?” With so many Kanmusu in the game (and more on the way), it’s impossible to include enough ship-girls in the anime to truly satisfy every game player. To be clear, I certainly would not forget about the core fan base – just make an effort so that the anime works for both fans of the game and anime-only viewers alike.

        As for a 1-cour run, the biggest problem I see is as you noted – character introduction, depth, and development. The key here IMO is to focus sufficiently on a few main characters while giving enough “hints” about the rest so that viewers at least have an idea of what those side characters are like. It’s possible to do a sufficient, if less than ideal, job with that as was the case (IMO) for Girls und Panzer. If there’s a silver lining, IMO it’s that series composition writer(s) have quite a bit of latitude when it comes to the story unlike an adaptation of a well-established manga or light novel where writers often feel obligated to end the season on some specific arc with the result of cutting too much source material and/or making dubious anime-only changes.

      • ’d like to add my thanks to diakama for your kind words about our blog. We’re a real niche blog but I hope we can provide value added for those who are into military and anime.

        Diakama is much more knowledgeable about KanColle than I am but the PV’s have really whetted my interest. Girls und Panzer was the anime that hooked me on the ‘cute girls and military hardware’ genre and I’ve got high hopes for this one and I hope the story can do justice to the ‘ship girls’.

        Looking forward to your comments on the show.

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