Toyota turns to manga as inspiration for latest car commercial

Toyota Aygo Manga Commercial

The world of car commercials brings yet another visually stunning promotion with a manga-inspired look to it.

This time the promotion is for Toyota’s Aygo, a city car built and sold in Europe.

Watch as an ordinary office lady turns into a heroine as she fights a giant lizard (let’s say is Godzilla) that is destroying Tokyo. How does the car come into play? Well, just watch and see!

So, was this commercial made in Japan? Nope! Sources show that this commercial was produced with the help of Sonia Leong, a Malaysian born manga artist from the United Kingdom.

There’s even more content than just the video, check out the Twitter hashtag #aygomanga for more.

Official press release:


In a David and Goliath on-screen grudge fight, Toyota’s new Aygo proves more than a match for a rampaging reptile.

Following the launch of the first Aygo Manga adventure, Toyota is pleased to announce the monster-slaying action story has been turned into an animated feature.

The short film follows the Heroine and her mighty Aygo as they save the city from destruction at the claws of a rampaging dinosaur. Created by Manga artist Sonia Leong, the tale puts Toyota’s new city car at the heart of the action, while making subtle references to some of the classic Toyota models of the past as the mini-epic unfolds.

The new movie featuring Sonia’s original artwork was created by animation team U-R-ILL™ and edited by Mark Gravil It is free to view now on Toyota’s official UK blog, YouTube channel and Facebook page. You can also keep up with the buzz about the project using #aygomanga on Twitter.


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