This blog is dedicated to covering topics from anime world, as observed from your typical otaku. Whatever rants and observations I feel like writing about go on this site.

What does “jamoe” mean?

A made up acronym: Japan, Anime, Manga and Otaku Enthusiast.

Who are you?

A young adult living in Southern California. I love anime and the subculture that’s revolves around it, that’s pretty much it. I was encouraged by my friends to make such a blog, I thank them all.

Otaku Credentials?

i.e. What do you watch? I mostly stick with the cute stuff; slice of life genres. And yes, there can be such thing as too much fanservice/ecchi, those are my limits. As for everything else, I’ll be willing to watch. Check out my anime list.

Blogging Experience?

None whatsoever. But I gotta start somewhere. Please excuse me if I make grammar/spelling mistakes. Writing isn’t a strong point of mine, but I hope to better improve my skill by continually working on this blog.


I do not own the media displayed on this blog, unless it is self created. All images, music, videos and related properties belong to their respective copyright holders which includes, but not limited to, artists, studios, licensors and distributors.


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  1. Thu

    Good luck with your blogging experience!

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